Order processing

To fulfill an order, it takes time to process it. As a rule, 1 – 2 hours is enough, but in some cases it may take more time (you can place an order on our website around the clock). The placed order is processed by the manager of the online store, who contacts the buyer by phone or whatsapp, specifies the conditions and time of delivery and, if necessary, provides advice on the selected product. The minimum order amount in our store is 1500 rubles. Order processing is carried out from 10:00 to 20:00 (Moscow time) on working days.

Pre order

Unfortunately, due to objective reasons, not all the goods presented are sometimes available. In this case, you can pre-order the selected product by clicking on the PRE-ORDER button, specify the desired quantity and your contact details, as soon as the selected product becomes available, you will receive an automatic notification to the specified email. No advance payment is required for placing an order. As information becomes available, we will inform you of the preliminary cost of the goods and the approximate timing of its receipt. By pre-ordering you will receive the goods one of the first! If you have questions, you can ask them to our email info@twoowtskis.com or use the online support chat in the lower right corner 24 hours


Most of the delivery is carried out by a delivery service SDEK. After ordering (with the exact delivery address and contact information) you will be contacted by an employee of our store, and specifies the method of delivery.


If you provide incomplete data about the buyer’s address, we will not be able to send the goods!


The cost of delivery in Moscow is 500 rubles. At the moment delivery beyond the MKAD (Moscow Ring Road) is temporarily not available. It is possible to receive the goods at the points of self-delivery. The price of goods is fixed from the moment of order placement until the date of delivery, coordinated with a customer. Price includes all taxes. Delivery is carried out only for already paid orders. We accept payment only in rubles.


You can proceed a payment by bank card right after placing your order..

We accept payment by bank cards from the following payment systems: VISA, MasterCard.

How to pay for your order with bank card online:

Check whether the bank card is intended for payments in the Internet (this information will be provided by the Bank – the issuer of the Buyer).
Open the page of your order, select the method of payment by bank card and click “Go to payment”.
You will be redirected to the authorization server of Tinkoff Payment system


The authorization server establishes a connection with the Buyer via a secure protocol (SSL 3.0) and receives from the Buyer the parameters of his/her bank card (card number, card expiration date, cardholder’s name in the transcription as it appears on the card).
The data of the bank card shall be entered and confirmed on the payment page within 40 minutes (waiting time of entering the data of the means of payment). After 40 minutes the payment is closed due to expiration of the waiting time.
The authorization server carries out preliminary processing of the received information and transmits it to the system’s settlement bank (hereinafter referred to as the Bank).
The Bank checks availability of such Store (in this case, twoowtskis.com) in the System and verifies compliance of the operation with the system restrictions. Based on the results of the checks, a ban or authorization of the transaction in the card payment system is formed.
In case of positive authorization result received from card payment system:
The Bank transmits the positive authorization result to the authorization server;

The authorization server transmits the positive authorization result to the Buyer;
twoowtskis.com, having received confirmation of the authorization permission, provides the service (accepts the order for processing).
When authorization is prohibited:

The Bank transmits to the authorization server a refusal to carry out the payment;
The authorization server transmits a refusal with the order number;
A letter is sent to the buyer stating the reason for refusal of authorization.
The reasons for refusal may be as follows:

– The Buyer’s issuing bank does not support the secure payment processing technology 3D-Secure, which is mandatorily required by the international payment system VISA, Master Card;

– There are not enough funds on the card to pay for the order;

– The Buyer’s issuing bank has imposed a ban on online payments (some banks impose a ban on online payments for fear of fraud);

– The waiting time for entering the data of the bank card has expired (it should be entered within 40 minutes);

– The data entered have not been confirmed by the Buyer on the payment page, data format error, etc.

Depending on the reason for the refusal of authorization to resolve the issue, you can:

– Retry the payment, but not earlier than in 20 minutes;
– Apply to the Bank-issuer for explanations;
– In case of impossibility to solve the problem by the Bank – try to pay again by using a card issued by another Bank.

Security of online payments by bank card:

If you choose to pay for your order using a bank card, payment processing (including the entry of bank card number) takes place on the site of electronic payment system Tinkoff Payment, which has passed international certification.

In Tinkoff Payment security payments provided by secure protocol SSL 3.0 for the transfer of confidential information from client to the server Tinkoff Payment and further processing in the processing center. This means that your confidential data (card details, registration information, etc.) is not received by the online store, their processing in the processing center is fully protected and no one, including the bank details of the client can not get personal and banking information.

In addition, the processing of payments by bank cards uses secure technology 3D-Secure, which is mandatorily required by VISA international payment system.

In order to avoid various types of misuse of bank cards during payment, all the Orders placed on the Website and prepaid by bank card are checked by the Seller. According to the Rules of international payment systems, in order to verify the identity of the owner and his/her eligibility to use the card, the Customer who placed such an order must, upon request received from the Seller’s employee, provide a copy of two pages of the passport of the bank card holder – the spread with a photo, as well as a copy of the bank card on both sides (the card number must be closed, except for the last four digits). The Seller reserves the right to cancel the Order without giving any reason, including in case of Customer’s failure to provide the documents mentioned above (by fax or e-mail in a form of scanned copies) within 14 days from the date of the Order or in case of doubts about their authenticity. The Order cost is returned to the cardholder’s card.

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