– Return of goods without giving reasons

– 14 days to return the goods

– Possibility to return

* – The absence of a cash or sales receipt, or other document certifying the fact and conditions of the purchase of goods, is not a basis for refusing to satisfy claims for the return of goods. However, we reserve the right to verify the purchase of goods in our store.

Upon delivery of the goods, carefully read the delivered Goods and then put your signature on the delivery receipt in the column “Order accepted, delivery services provided, the completeness of the goods is complete, I have no complaints about the quantity and appearance of the goods. I have read the terms of the return. After receiving the order, claims for external defects in the goods, quantity, completeness and presentation are not accepted.

Return of good quality goods

When returning goods of good quality, only the cost of the goods is returned to you. Shipping and return shipping costs are non-refundable. With a partial return, the shipping cost of the order is not refundable.

You have the right to exchange or return a product of good quality if it does not suit you in size, color, style or for any other reason, subject to the following conditions:

– The goods and packaging have the original presentation (packaging, seals, labels are preserved)

– There is a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of the specified goods (sales receipt or cash receipt)

– The deadline for submitting a return application does not exceed 14 days from the date of receipt of the order

– The product is not included in the list of goods not subject to return (according to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 19, 1998 No. 55)

Return of goods of inadequate quality

When returning goods of inadequate quality, the full cost of the goods, delivery and return shipping is returned to the Client. With a partial return, the cost of shipping the order to the Client is not refundable.

A product of inadequate quality means a product that is defective and cannot ensure the performance of its functional qualities. Goods of inadequate quality also include goods that the Customer returns due to non-compliance with the ordered goods (article, color, style, quality, size). Differences in the design elements or design of the goods from those stated in the description on the site are not indicators of the quality of the goods.

Refunds are made within 10 days from the date of presentation of the relevant request (Article 22 of the Law of the Russian Federation “On the Protection of Consumer Rights”). That is, within 10 days after we receive the returned product, you will receive the money spent on it purchase. Money is transferred by transfer to a bank or other account specified by the consumer. If funds are returned to a bank card, the crediting period depends on the relevant rules of a particular payment system or the issuing bank.


To return money and file claims for the quality of the goods, order picking or delivery, call and

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