There are 4 main points in our guarantee, saying that we will fulfill our obligations no matter what the cost!

Item number 1. Everything is formalized!

When making purchases, the buyer and the online store automatically agree to the terms (agreement), the text of which you can read at the link. These conditions describe the obligations of the store to the buyer and are the basis for resolving conflict situations, if any.

An analogue of a receipt for goods (for returns and guarantees) is your order number with confirmation of payment through any of the payment systems presented on our website.

The type of activity of our company according to OKVED belongs to category 52.61.2 “Retail trade carried out directly by means of television, radio, telephone and the Internet” and does not require mandatory certification or licensing.

Details of our company

Item #2: Companies that accept payments are responsible for us.

In order to be able to accept electronic payments, the online store entered into an agreement with Tinkoff Bank JSC (Tinkoff Payment system).

You can contact Tinkoff Bank representatives by phone numbers listed on the official website of the company. They will confirm the fact of cooperation with us and the absence of precedents of fraud on our part.

Item #3. You track every step of your parcel

We use the services of the transport company “EMS Post”. Each sent parcel is assigned a number (invoice number), by which you can track the route of your order on the EMS website. You will also receive notifications about the location and status of your package to the email address specified in the order.

Point number 4. Our clients talk about us

You can read the reviews of our customers, not only satisfied, but also those who are not satisfied with our service, in order to have a complete picture of all the features of buying goods via the Internet.

WARRANTY FOR SKIS presented in the store 1 Year

And most importantly, if you do not live in Moscow, you do not need to send us skis for warranty repairs. We can deliver skis to your address.

In the event of a warranty claim, simply contact us by e-mail or phone.

Describe the breakdown in detail. Attach 3 photos: a photo of the entire ski, a photo of the defect (large), a photo of the serial number (found on each ski). We consider the request as soon as possible, after which, if the decision is positive, the supplier sends a similar product for replacement.

If the goods are damaged during shipment, please contact us by e-mail or write a message using the Feedback form on our website. Attach 3 photos: full photo, defect photo (large), serial number photo (found on each ski). We consider the request as soon as possible, after which we send new skis for replacement.

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