Ilya Savosin

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My name is Ilya Savosin, born in 2001 in Krasnoyarsk!
In 2007 my first acquaintance with skiing took place! It was at the Gladenkaya resort, which is located near the Sayano-Shushenskaya power plant, where we came as a family!

My father taught me how to ski directly! According to his stories, I was very afraid and only after a couple of days more or less mastered the fast ride! In 2009-2011. I went to school in the Olympic reserve in the ski section! There I have gained confidence and technique! Even participated in spring competitions and received a medal!

I quit because I was also doing folk dancing, which was my priority, and I simply did not have enough time to do everything, but still, skiing gave me great pleasure and I started building jumps in the backyard! Also great contribution was made by some bourgeois level 1 videos, which my dad sent me by his friends, I used to watch them till they were in tatters, and then I went out to jump on my homemade jumps!
Also a huge inspiration I got from Dmitry Makrushin and his lcm project, I watched their videos to tatters! To this day Dima is still number one for me among all Russian skiers! Every year my diy snow park gets bigger and bigger, the tricks base gets bigger and more complicated! I fully started doing aggressive rollerskiing and I think it helped me in my skiing too, because skiing and rollerskiing are similar disciplines in terms of gliding and jumps! And last year, I managed to take my first ski profile in straight! There’s still some work to do, but this is just the beginning, I have no intentions to stop!

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