Ski pro model by Andrey Anufriev. This season, we have updated not only the graphics, but also changed the flex to make the ski as comfortable as possible for skiing.

The model showed its best performance both in the largest parks in Europe and America, and in various snow conditions in Russia – from spring slash to the deepest Krasnopolyansky snow.

This is a truly universal projectile – one ski for all occasions. With a 102mm waist, full symmetry and easy rocker on both sides, the Dyed Sticks are the most versatile ski in the TWOOWT range that will give you the edge in fresh snow and on hard trails.The construction uses modern and durable materials, a high-speed base, 2.2mm edges and a sidewall made of ABS plastic with a branded print. Andrey’s name adorns Dyed Sticks for a reason, because he actively developed this ski model, personally participating in all stages of the creative process – from designing the ski itself to creating the design in its smallest details. That is why we are 100% sure that these skis will be an excellent addition to the collection of any self-respecting skier and will bring a lot of pleasure from skiing!

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