TWOOWT YUNG is a full-fledged freeski for riders of the newest school! Now you can experience the positive on the mountain with the whole family, teaching the younger generation the basics of skiing.

The TWOOWT YUNG skis are based on the same sandwich, two layers of fiberglass and a wooden core covered with a CAP lid. We also made a super durable and wear-resistant coating, specially designed for this model. The size of 85 cm was not chosen by chance, and will allow you to start training from an early age (~ 5 years, height up to 1.20), making your child super-maneuverable on the track. The ISO 7500 base gives you speed and low maintenance, while the lightweight 2mm edges boast heat-treated durability. Stylish graphics from Boris Barabula complete the picture, giving brightness and personality to the slope. TWOOWT YUNG – the best for children!

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